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Divine Crystals: The Mind is the Center of your Being

Knock knock!

It’s Seek Divine Collections, LLC and we are back for round two of the Divine Crystals newsletter. For our first order of business we would like to remind all Grambling State University students that the Dorm Decoration 2019 application is still open until July 17th, 2019. Click here for more information and the application.

Now, in honor of this past Pride Month, I need you to check your pride at the door in order to receive this message. 

We are all created equal, and I am sure we have all found ourselves here:

Where am I, what is this place?

Who am I? Why am I here?

Do I even belong here?

What is my purpose?

I'm asking myself these questions while looking over the phases of my life. 

Lost on this journey I find myself incessantly seeking answers…”

We are all seeking something. We want answers to be in the form of justice, an experience, wealth, power, approval, peace, etc.

Most often, what people are seeking is themselves. We all want to know who we were created to be. 

“...Until one day I looked up and my life had passed me by. 

In a glance I had been stolen by the death Angel, and everything I had ever known was no more.

So today, I leave you my dreams...”

I pray that you do not get caught up trying to answer so many questions that you forget answers exist within His creation. It is my hope that you experience each moment (Philippians 4:6; Matthew 6:34). 

In this moment...

Recognize love is expressed differently, but it is always near

You must treat all things with love and respect (even if they haven’t earned it)

Grant a response rather than a reaction

Recognize that we are all human and prone to mistakes 

Be the change you want to see in the world (word to Gandhi) 

Be who you were called to be because it is impressive when someone is truly expressive. 

In the upcoming moments, I challenge you to be completely mindful of each moment. Mindfulness is an active process involving checks and balances, which requires us to admit our shortcomings. Shortcomings, however should be treated as lessons, granting space for us to heal and grow.

The mind is the center of your being, as all things flow from there. Recognize that everything you need to succeed has already been placed inside of you.

Treat yourself with respect, make tough decisions, and be kind. 

Know that no is a complete sentence. 

Do not allow the opinions of others to alter how you view yourself. 

July shall be a time of introspection, observe any forms of negativity, especially self talk. 

You to You:

At all times Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Courageous, Be You. 

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